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Pentagon Looking to Draft Blockchain Technology for Security Purposes
Blockchain technology has proven itself to be invaluable for many different applications and now the... The post Pentagon Looking to Draft Blockchain Technology for Security Purposes appeared first on - 10 min ago
NEM Key Recovery Service (KRS)
The NEM team would like to thank Aenima (Telegram: @Aenima86) for making this project and blog. The recovery of keys is a big challenge in all cryptocurrencies. One of the main concerns for many people using cryptocurrencies is the security of their funds. This is not an easy task for - 11 min ago
Monaco To Start Partnership with Binance on August 23
Monaco token will be listed and made available to Chinese investors through Binance starting August 23. - 17 min ago
Napoleonx Plans DAFs (Decentralized Autonomous Funds) To Bridge The Gap Between Crypto And Real A...
NaPoleonX, a Fintech company incubated in Polytechnique “X” in Paris (French engineer research center), aims to launch the first algorithmic asset management firm for crypto investors and beyond.  The team is composed of experienced professional ex traders, portfolio managers, quantitative developers and is advised by law companies w... - 39 min ago
This Floating Solar Farm Can Power 15,000 Homes
Solar energy is the next frontier for both companies and consumers. Tackling this space will not be all that easy, though. Running a major solar farm is still quite costly and requires a lot of space in which to place solar panels. The Chinese city of Huainan is best known for its coal reserves, but it is also now the place where the... - 40 min ago
The Fascinating Story of blockchain application platform Lisk (LSK)
Lisk (LSK) has been running up the charts in recent months of its lows around $0.15 in January to recent highs near $4 a coin. LSK initially spiked to highs over $5 a coin after its launch in early 2016 after an incredibly successful crowd-fund. Over the past few months as the price of LSK […] - 50 min ago
Bitcoin Exchange Review: Binance
There are many cryptocurrency exchanges in China. Every digital asset creator and coin developer want to ensure his or her project gains entry into China in one way or another, and having a fiat currency gateway for the Chinese yuan is always helpful. One of the up-and-coming Chinese exchanges is Binance, although very few people see... - 1 hr 40 min ago
Bitcoin Price Maintains $4,000 Value as Expected dip Takes Place
Bitcoin users find themselves at a bit of a crossroads right now. The Bitcoin price has seen spectacular growth over the past few weeks and is now going through a minor retrace. That in itself is not surprising by any means, yet it is still a bit unexpected for most users. Moreover, it appears the markets are somewhat volatile right ... - 2 hr 2 min ago
Markets Update: Bitcoin Cash Rallies for Three Solid Days
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) markets started climbing this past Thursday and soared on August 18 reaching a high of $760 per BCH around 6 pm EDT. Now on August 19, the cryptocurrency has captured a $18B market cap as the BCH value has spiked higher hovering around $900 at press time. Also read: Search Volumes for Bitcoin and […] The post... - 2 hr 15 min ago
Lampix Image Mining for Augmented Reality
Lampix is building the first Blockchain based ‘image mining’ network for augmented reality or any other computer vision systems. The company is creating a new Blockchain that will hold {image,description} data-sets of real world objects. This data is a vital prerequisite for augmenting reality systems ranging from smartph... - 2 hr 40 min ago
Bitcoin Cash Price Surpassed $700: Driving Forces
The price of the digital currency Bitcoin Cash sustained its upward trajectory and surpassed the $700 mark on Aug. 18. - 3 hr 1 min ago
Bitcoin Cash Price Heads Toward $1,000 As Trading Volume Outpaces Bitcoin’s
Cryptocurrency markets have a tendency to evolve in the most unusual direction these days. This is especially true where major currencies are concerned. Right now, Bitcoin Cash is taking up all of the momentum, while Bitcoin itself is going down ever so slightly. Additionally, it seems BCH has more trading volume than Bitcoin right n... - 3 hr 6 min ago
Google Plays With Bitcoin Gain More
Google looks for the expression “Bitcoin” have achieved untouched highs this month. The deluge of pursuits connects with a decrease in questions for “Ethereum,” switching long stretches of relative relationship between’s looks for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Variances in the volume of scan questions for B... - 3 hr 34 min ago
PR: TokenStub Launches ICO to Decentralize $33 Billion Ticketing Marketplace
This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. TokenStub is thrilled to anno... - 3 hr 40 min ago
Japanese Exchange bitFlyer to Open US Markets, Access Increasing
BitFlyer, the Japanese Bitcoin exchange, has already secured regulatory clearance in 34 states for customers to buy and sell Bitcoin through its US entity, bitFlyer USA. - 4 hr 4 min ago
Bitcoin Price Will Reach $5,000 This Year: Gatecoin CEO Aurélien Menant
Aurélien Menant stated that he sees Bitcoin price reaching new highs at $5,000 this year because of instability in other markets, institutional investors,‘safe haven’ value. - 4 hr 26 min ago
World’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange Bitflyer Expands into US Market
Bitflyer, Japan’s and the world’s largest bitcoin exchange by volume, has announced its expansion into the US market this fall. It is launching a US-based bitcoin exchange, allowing customers to trade between bitcoins and dollars. The company says it has already obtained regulatory approval to operate in 34 states. Also r... - 4 hr 40 min ago
Ethereum Announces Metropolis Hard Fork Coming Late September
The Ethereum Developer team has just released word that the Metropolis hard fork is set to occur in late September of this year. - 4 hr 49 min ago
10 Reasons Why Central Banks Will Miss the Next Currency Renaissance
A former central banker outlines 10 reasons why he believes his former employer (and other banks like it) will fail to adapt to cryptocurrency. - 4 hr 55 min ago
Wall Street Bear Tommy Lee Still Bullish on Bitcoin - $6,000 This Year
Tommy Lee, the notorious founder of Fundstrat, one of the largest independent research and analysis firms, has repeated his projection of $6,000 for this year, and $25,000 by 2022 in spite of recent dips. - 5 hr 1 min ago

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