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Boxmining Talks about Enjin Coin at the Biggest Blockchain Event in South Korean History
Boxmining presented Enjin Coin to over 500 attendees, 50 journalists and the biggest thought leaders in the industry at the Blockchain Revolution Conference in Seoul, Sou...

#112 - Enjin Coin (ENJ) - 1 hr 27 min ago

Announcing Bounty0x partnership with IBC Group
Bounty0x is proud to announce that it will be partnering with IBC Group to bring top-tier Bounty Hosts to the Bounty0x platform.International Blockchain Consulting Group ...

#267 - Bounty0x (BNTY) - 4 hr 2 min ago

Blackmoon Crypto. Monthly Digest. January, 2018
It’s the beginning of a new year and despite last month’s holiday season we continue to remain on track and very focused on platforms development. For Blackmoon the year ...

#330 - Blackmoon Crypto (BMC) - 4 hr 19 min ago

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BitClave — 2018 and beyond
Our main focus in 2018 is to continue to build exciting products and to improve our platform. From MatchICO to our BASE ecosystem and our SDK — we couldn’t be more excite...
#194 - BitClave (CAT) - 4 hr 25 min ago

Books — The story of copyright, DRM, EULA, Publica, in images. article is not protected by this copyright logo. Make all the money you can with it, I really don’t mind.My articl...

#338 - Publica (PBL) - 5 hr 45 min ago

The Bitcoin Podcast had Tim Goggin from the DNotes team on the show to talk about DNotes.
  Announcements: DNotes
#537 - DNotes ($NOTE) - 6 hr 8 min ago

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Announcing Michael Stollaire will be joining Bounty0x as technical adviser
Bounty0x is proud to announce that Michael Stollaire will be joining the Bounty0x team as a technical adviserBeginning January 17, 2018, Bounty0x will be adding Michael S...

#267 - Bounty0x (BNTY) - 6 hr 11 min ago

Crypviser Network
Here we are! Crypviser Network — the first decentralized secure communication platform will be launched on Sat, 20th January of 2018.We would like to remind you that the ...

#418 - CVCoin (CVCOIN) - 6 hr 30 min ago

The Unofficial Weekly Stratis Retrospect #8 — Khilone
For anyone wanting to read my previous blogs, you can find them all here.Two ICO projectsAs mentioned in my previous blogs, Stratis has two companies signed on to launch ...

#29 - Stratis ($STRAT) - 6 hr 48 min ago

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Big tokens of 2017 — where are they now?
By Olga GrininaWith the onset of 2018, feels like it’s about time to look back at the biggest ICOs of 2017 to get the idea about their status quo. Six billion dollars rai...

#139 - Revain (R) - 7 hr 4 min ago

Cappasity iOS Framework
Our goal is to provide tools that will help other developers use Cappasity platform. Today we are ready to present the first public version of our iOS framework.Cappasity...

#1137 - Cappasity (CAPP) - 7 hr 15 min ago

ICONOMI Reddit Ask Me Anything Summary: January Edition
Thanks for joining us for our first AMA of 2018! Today’s AMA covered a wide range of questions, from Rocket.Chat to the fiat ramp-up. We hope you found our answers enligh...

#97 - Iconomi (ICN) - 7 hr 48 min ago

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Aragon Q4 Transparency Report
A recap of what has been going on with Aragon during Q4 2017As per our Transparency Model, we do quarterly Transparency Reports of our use of funds and about the overall ...

#160 - Aragon (ANT) - 7 hr 56 min ago

BitcoinWiki Bounty Results!
I’m happy to announce the winners of our Community Bounty Contest to create an updated Particl informational page at is:an independent proj...

#89 - Particl ($PART) - 8 hr 31 min ago

The Playoffs page has a crispy new look
A month and a half has passed since we held the first ever “live” blockchain crowdfunding event, the Playoffs. Six participating startups were simultaneously h...

#220 - CofoundIt (CFI) - 8 hr 45 min ago

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