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Lndr Almost Here…
The development of Lndr continues at full speed. We’re very happy with the progress we’ve made and want to share some updates on its progress. Although technical, you can...
#253 - BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT) - 16 min ago
伯克利区块链(来自美国加州大学伯克利分校)将协助Kyber Network初期去中心化交易所的实施
Kyber Network非常荣幸的宣布与世界一流的学术机构合作,以强化我们的交易所实施和商业模式Kyber Network和伯克利区块链宣布了旨在塑造去中心化交易所的稳健性和效率的战略合作关系。集合了教育,区块链技术,研究和创 新,这个研究工作将在Kyber Network的模型背景下探讨包括交易多样性,交易策略和交易可持续性等议题。K...
#53 - Kyber Network (KNC) - 4 hr 29 min ago
Blockchain at Berkeley가 카이버 네트워크의 초기 DEX 구현을 지원하다
카이버 네트워크는 플랫폼의 교환 및 비즈니스 모델을 향상시키기 위해 세계적인 교육 기관과의 협력을 발표하게된 것을 영광으로 생각합니다.카이버 네트워크와 Blockchain at Berkeley는 탈중앙화 거래소의 견고성과 효율성을 높이기 위해 전략적 파트너십을 발표했습니다. 교육, 블록 체인 기술, 연구...
#53 - Kyber Network (KNC) - 4 hr 29 min ago
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Blockchain at Berkeley To Assist ​Kyber Network’s Exchange
Kyber Network is honoured to announce the collaboration with a world-class academic institution to enhance our exchange implementation and business model.Kyber Network an...
#53 - Kyber Network (KNC) - 4 hr 39 min ago
Hacken & McAfee
We can see our community seeks for some deeper insights on how the campaigns on our platform are working on their crowdsales. One of the ways to get the info about an int...
#260 - KickCoin (KICK) - 6 hr 57 min ago
Why privacy is important, and having “nothing to hide” is irrelevant
Original SourceURL: ted on Jan 6, 2016The governments of Australia, Germany, the UK and the US are destroying ...
#290 - Obsidian ($ODN) - 7 hr 6 min ago
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Welcome John Licciardello to the IOTA Foundation
John Licciardello has built a career focused on financial innovation. Following his undergraduate degree, John moved to Mexico City where he played a key role in an early...
#8 - Iota ($MIOTA) - 7 hr 12 min ago
The First Blockchain Advertising Auction Is Now Completed
We are happy to announce that the very first blockchain-based auction for advertising space is now completed. Bidding was suspended at 19:00 CET on November 22, 2017.A nu...
#86 - AdEx (ADX) - 8 hr 22 min ago
Blockmason Legal Team Presents at MIT Event in Cambridge, MA
Patent and SEC Attorneys Talk Shop on ICOs and Blockchain Companies.This year alone, more than $1.5 billion has been raised globally by blockchain-driven companies and IC...
#253 - BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT) - 9 hr 16 min ago
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SONM an early adopter in mining Aion
The Aion and SONM teams recently met in Toronto to discuss the technical roadmap for Aion’s upcoming public network release and the opportunity for SONM’s platform to sup...
#1068 - Aion (AION) - 9 hr 21 min ago
Grid+ Funding and Future
It’s been a busy few weeks here at Grid+. On November 11th, our public token sale ended finishing the sale of GRID tokens. To all those who purchased, thank you!We though...
#153 - Grid+ (GRID) - 9 hr 38 min ago
Tokenomics of Film: SingularDTV’s Kim Jackson on Decentralized Entertainment
We sat down with SingularDTV’s President of Entertainment Kim Jackson to learn more about her vision of a decentralized entertainment industry.Whether it’s through music,...
#80 - SingularDTV (SNGLS) - 10 hr 8 min ago
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The First Kin Client SDKs Are Live
We are very happy to publish our first open source Kin SDKs (kin-sdk-core-android and kin-sdk-core-ios).The purpose of these projects is to significantly lower the barrie...
#106 - Kin (KIN) - 10 hr 44 min ago
Ripple-powered Instant Payment Services Now Live with Axis Bank, RAKBANK, and Standard Chartered
In today’s increasingly globalized world — where international supply chains as well as the number of overseas workers are growing — it’s imperative to have fast, transpa...
#4 - Ripple ($XRP) - 11 hr 23 min ago Playoffs: celebrating our community
Hey Priority Pass members! This is a great big thank you from all of us here at HQ for the awesome videos sent in last week. Five of our most enthusiastic comm...
#147 - CofoundIt (CFI) - 11 hr 46 min ago
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Our updated Roadmap
We are happy to share with our community our updated roadmap projection:Since our Token Sale finished last month we have been mainly focusing on establishing our operatio...
#360 - REAL (REAL) - 12 hr 5 min ago
Matchpool $GUP Holders can now claim $QGUP (QGuppy) on the Qtum Blockchain!
Matchpool will distribute a second token, dubbed ‘QGUP’ on top of the Qtum blockchain. Current holders of Guppy on the Ethereum network will have an option to claim the s...
#12 - Qtum (QTUM) - 12 hr 16 min ago
ChronoLogic Debt Smart Contracts & Performance Global Partnership
We have closed a partnership with Performance Global to test out ChronoLogic Debt Smart Contracts via a real world simulation.Performance Global’s business model & fo...
#1136 - ChronoLogic (DAY) - 12 hr 59 min ago
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SHIELD funding
As many people have noticed, and one of the things that people like about SHIELD is that we didn’t have a pre-mine and that there wasn’t any ICO or any other funding. Thi...
#483 - SHIELD ($XSH) - 14 hr 7 min ago
Cindicator Product release: Cryptometer 2.0 Bot
We are pleased to announce the launch of our @Cryptometer 2.0 Bot for CND token holders.Once informed of the coins you would like to monitor, @Cryptometer 2.0 Bot notifie...
#158 - Cindicator (CND) - 15 hr 10 min ago

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