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Jamie Dimon Accused of Market Abuse regarding Comments on Bitcoin
In response to Jamie Dimon’s misguided comments about Bitcoin last week, one firm has filed a market abuse report against him. Blockswater, an algorithmic liquidity provider, raised issues of market manipulation, as well as accusing Dimon of deliberately distorting the public perception of cryptocurrency. According to London-ba... - 1 min ago
Announcement: HydroMiner ICO — the Eco-Friendly Mining Operation
A new day, a new initial coin offering. But this time one that looks very prospective:; mining in the Austrian Alps! They are already ... The post Announcement: HydroMiner ICO — the Eco-Friendly Mining Operation appeared first on Bitcoin Garden. - 3 min ago
Younger Americans See Bitcoin As Investment Opportunity, Survey Says
A new survey recently conducted by Lend Edu polled Americans about their interest in bitcoin. The survey asked basic questions about whether people have heard about bitcoin, whether it was legal, and if they would use it or invest in it. By and large, younger generations have increasingly heard of bitcoin, and they see it as […... - 31 min ago
GoldMint Revolutionizes Secured Lending
Secured loans have been a business practice for quite some time now. Many of these loans are issued by pawn shops and have their fair share of pros and cons. GoldMint wants to take the good aspects of these loans and improve upon them with the help of the blockchain and IT. What are Secured Loans? A secured loan is essentially any lo... - 31 min ago
Bitcoin Price Watch; Trading The Crossover
The European session is about to draw to a close and, with it, our European efforts in the bitcoin price for the week. As we noted this morning, it has been a pretty wild week as far as volatility is concerned. Price served up plenty of entry opportunities, especially towards the end of the, and … Continue reading Bitcoin Price... - 39 min ago
Mysterium is Decentralizing VPN Services to Promote Privacy and Open Access
After raising more than $14 million in an ICO during May 2017, Mysterium will build a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer-based and serverless Virtual Private Network (VPN). By providing users with greater privacy and financial incentives to operate nodes, Mysterium will lift restrictions on the usage of the internet as stated by their... - 51 min ago
Slack Out, In – Blockchain Community Leaders Aragon Lead Industry Exodus Amid Marke...
Aragon, the decentralized management platform for companies, today announced a mass migration from the messaging platform Slack as a result of increased phishing scams and hacks within the community network. Aragon is among the leaders of a widespread community departure towards an open-source messaging platform. Prominent projects w... - 58 min ago
Pi Can Wirelessly Charge Multiple Devices at Once
Wireless charging has quickly become very popular among technology enthusiasts. Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to this charging method. To start with, not every current device even supports it. It has always been difficult to wirelessly charge more than one device at a time. Thanks to a new project by Pi, the latter aspect ... - 1 hr 1 min ago
Gravity's Pull? Litecoin Is Down 50% from All-Time Highs and Looking Lower
Litecoin is again trading below $50, just three weeks after setting a new all-time high above $100. - 1 hr 2 min ago
Blockchain and e-governance: from Estonia to BITNATION
Blockchain technology has found plenty of advocates in the world of finance, banking and trade. But, it's in the unlikely field of democracy where it may soon be making its presence felt most acutely. The post Blockchain and e-governance: from Estonia to BITNATION appeared first on Crypto Insider - Bitcoin and Blockchain News. - 1 hr 2 min ago
Roger Ver Joins Other Libertarians In Announcing a New Nation
Ever wish you could live in a Libertarian utopia? Roger Ver and his team may have the answer for you. - 1 hr 20 min ago
Rhea Token Aims to Protect Cryptocurrency Portfolios
The recent hit to the Bitcoin and Ethereum markets have left many investors feeling burned by the cryptocurrency industry. It was the first time this year that investors and traders were so massively vulnerable, and many people lost a lot of money. A project called Rhea Token is hoping to help investors avoid these kinds of vulnerabi... - 1 hr 31 min ago
Lawyers in Nebraska to Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments Soon
Spending Bitcoin in its original form remain pretty difficult these days. Very few service providers and physical retailers accept BTC. In Nebraska, lawyers may soon start experimenting with cryptocurrency payments. The state legal ethics board approved the request from one lawyer to accept Bitcoin. It is expected several others will... - 2 hr 1 min ago
Mastercard Hints at Plans for Blockchain Settlement System
A new patent application from Mastercard indicates that the payments giant may be looking to integrate blockchain into its payments infrastructure. - 2 hr 1 min ago
Stratis Team Releases Alpha Version of the Breeze Wallet
The Breeze Wallet developed by the Stratis team has already excited cryptocurrency enthusiasts. However, it has taken a while for an alpha version to get introduced to the public. That situation has now changed, and an alpha version of the Breeze Wallet is now available to all users. This wallet comes with TumbleBit technology and ut... - 2 hr 1 min ago
Largest crypto industry event Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev to be held on October 12
On October 12, Kyiv will host the fourth Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev. It will become the largest blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICO event in ... The post Largest crypto industry event Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev to be held on October 12 appeared first on Bitcoin Garden. - 2 hr 18 min ago
How to Protect Your Computer From Becoming a Crypto-Mining Machine - PakWired
PakWired How to Protect Your Computer From Becoming a Crypto-Mining Machine PakWired According to some users, they noticed that the website has been using 0.8% of their CPU's power for the mining. The website uses a code from Coinhive in its footer which enables the website to use the CPU power of its users to carry out the minin...
Reporter - 2 hr 46 min ago
Swiss Supply Chain Startup AMBROSUS Launches Token Generation Event
Ambrosus, a Blockchain-based ecosystem for the supply chain, has announced the launch of its Token Generation Event (TGE), commencing today at 2 P.M. CET and concluding October 22, 2017. Combining high-tech sensors, Blockchain technology and smart contracts. Ambrosus was founded to overcome the current deficiencies and challenges of ... - 2 hr 47 min ago
Ray Dalio Joins the Crusade against Bitcoin
Bitcoin’s latest critic from the world of high-finance is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio. In an interview with CNBC on Tuesday, the brains behind the planet’s biggest hedge fund called the leading cryptocurrency, a “bubble”. His reasoning simply being that if people are buying something with ... - 3 hr 1 min ago
Uruguay's Central Bank Announces New Digital Currency Pilot
Uruguay is the latest country to see its central bank start experimenting with its own digital currency, according to statements from its president. - 3 hr 1 min ago

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