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December Update
This holiday season Intense Coin (ITNS) celebrates 4 months. Our community, network, and market value continues to grow in parallel...
#503 - IntenseCoin ($ITNS) - 25 min ago
One of the Biggest Bounties in Crypto — presented by the
One of the Biggest Bounties in Crypto — presented by the Foundation — Life Changing! We are Blockchain!30,000 eBTC tokens can be won! About ~ $30,0001st plac...
#323 - eBTC [NEW] (EBTC) - 1 hr 1 min ago
iXledger Insurance Marketplace: MVP Demo
Founder & CEO, Ingemar Svensson, presents the first Minimum Viable Demo of our insurance marketplace.Ingemar Svensson focuses on our networking functionalities in the...
#216 - iXledger (IXT) - 1 hr 22 min ago
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New Official VeriCoin and Verium Telegram
We are pleased to announce our new VeriCoin and Verium Telegram group   The post New Official VeriCoin and Verium Telegram appeared fi...
#221 - Vericoin ($VRC) - 1 hr 59 min ago
Developer’s Update December 14, 2017
Etherparty is a blockchain technology company that develops smart contract applications powered by the FUEL token. We are developing a platform that allows users to creat...
#189 - Etherparty (FUEL) - 2 hr 0 min ago
Weekly Update 15th Dec 2017
Greetings everyone,We’re talking to hundreds of small and medium-sized online sellers over the course of the next few weeks to understand their biggest online payments ch...
#1088 - Verify (CRED) - 2 hr 14 min ago
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ETHLend Weekly Update
Hello fellow ETHLenders, it has been a great week or two, since last update we’ve made great progress and already gearing up for next year. Here are some highlights for y...
#180 - EthLend (LEND) - 2 hr 44 min ago
Ethos Dev Update – 12.15.17
Hey Ethos family, It’s KDP, your Product Manager. Sorry you haven’t heard of much from me yet through any formal […]
#97 - Ethos (ETHOS) - 2 hr 53 min ago
ABI to TypeScript generator
At 0x we care a lot about type-safety and have therefore wanted our interactions with smart contracts to be statically typed. Since all the type information is already in...
#74 - 0x (ZRX) - 3 hr 18 min ago
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Grid+ Progress Report 12/15/2017
Spinning OutAs many know, Grid+ is the first internally incubated venture to spin out of ConsenSys. This is exciting and daunting and has given our team the opportunity t...
#188 - Grid+ (GRID) - 3 hr 28 min ago
Blakestar added in 2 new exchanges
The post Blakestar added in 2 new exchanges appeared first on BlakeStar.
#713 - BlakeStar ($BLAS) - 4 hr 1 min ago
eBitcoin: Bitcoin’s Vision Re-envisioned
The Plot & the BeginningEver wondered who Satoshi Nakamoto was and why he/she/they quietly left the marvel of an invention called Bitcoin. Well, eBitcoin also had a d...
#323 - eBTC [NEW] (EBTC) - 4 hr 28 min ago
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Introducing the Gnosis Dutch Exchange
In the past months, a team of mathematicians and developers at Gnosis took a close look at both centralized and decentralized implementations of exchanges. After facing s...
#75 - Gnosis (GNO) - 4 hr 38 min ago
Agrello Weekly Update
December 15th, 2017Dear Agrello community,Here are the updates for the week:On the 12th, the Agrello ID iOS app was published in the app store. Now we have the app for bo...
#97 - Agrello (DLT) - 4 hr 43 min ago
Crypto Asset Management Announces Winners of Presearch 10 BTC Contest
La Jolla, California, December 15th, 2017 — Presearch, the decentralized search engine powered by the community, is excited to reveal the winners of its recent Presearch ...
#206 - Presearch (PRE) - 4 hr 53 min ago
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KuCoin listed R-token
Today the list of exchanges listing R-token is expanding with KuCoin — an international exchange based in Hong Kong. KuCoin traders now have access to R/BTC and R/ETH tra...
#89 - Revain (R) - 5 hr 23 min ago
Beta Dev Update (20)
What our devs worked on in week 20 of the BetaJust in case you missed it, last week’s post from our CEO Joe Zhou. He gave us a great wrap up on everything t...
#144 - FirstBlood (1ST) - 5 hr 24 min ago
DAA Manager Insights: Coinbest Group
The crypto world is fast and dynamic. The risk level is high. To attract broader interest, we will need to see more risk-averse products. Our DAA manager Coinbest Group i...
#78 - Iconomi (ICN) - 5 hr 25 min ago
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Genesis City Auction Tutorial
Everything you need to know to participate in the largest virtual land auction in history.The Terraform EventNote: for our Mandarin-speaking users, you may refer to this ...
#53 - Decentraland (MANA) - 5 hr 45 min ago
MNX Report: Mid-December Balance
Fifteen days since the last report have passed, and this means it’s time to see what happened with Minexcoin on the first half of December.Hello, community! At the start ...
#101 - MinexCoin ($MNX) - 5 hr 48 min ago

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